Leofoto LS-365CEX Full Camo Outdoor Pro Carbon Tripod with Leveling Base

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Max. height: 1555mm
Min.Height: 102mm
Folded length: 515mm
Leg Section : 5
Max load: 15kg
Weight: 1.95kg
Tilt range : -15°/+15°

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Van O'Brien (Denver, US)
Top notch camo tripod with built-in leveling base

I am so impressed with the build quality of this LS-365CEX tripod. The carbon fiber makes for a much lighter tripod and the legs feel beefy and strong. I love the built-in leveling base, saving me the trouble of adding one myself. If you haven't used a leveling base, you're really missing out. It is infinitely easier to level your camera than tying to adjust the legs. The leveling base also has 3 "locking screws" to secure your head of choice and prevent any unwanted rotation.

One of the legs has a nice "grippy" texture for a secure grip, especially with wet hands. The height is excellent for me personally (5'9") and I don't need to extend the legs fully, especially with a gimbal attached. I like that this has no center column, which has a few benefits in my mind. First, it allows the tripod to fold up into a smaller package for transport, and secondly, I've always felt the center column is the weakest part in the tripod/stability equation and I try to avoid using the center column on my other tripods that have them. They are convenient to use, but are the least stable part of the tripod, so I'm glad this one doesn't have it and was one of the reasons I chose this particular tripod. The additional benefit, and perhaps the best benefit, is that you can spread out the legs for a low angle shot without having to reverse a center column, which is a pain.

The legs slide smoothly and lock securely. The knobs to adjust the legs are big and easy to grab. The feet are a good size and Leofoto offers many additional foot options. In fact, I'm actually impressed with the amount of optional tripod accessories Leofoto sells, as well as replacement parts for their tripods. The included case is very nice, as well.

Although I'm retired now, I have personally used and owned many tripods over my career, including Gitzo, RRS, Sachtler, and others, and this tripod compares very favorably to the very best of them in every regard. I think the cost vs. value with Leofoto is fantastic with their pricing (have you seen the price of a comparable Gitzo?). The "relatively low" price is appreciated by this retired photographer who sold most of my photo and video equipment with my studio and I'm kind of starting over gear-wise. Now I just need to save up to replace my current gimbal with their matching PG-1 camo gimbal to complete my camo tripod bliss.

peter king

Gimbal head missing from the order

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