Leofoto LBH-80 80mm Double Sphere Ball Head / Spherical Gimbal + Plate / ARCA


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Leofoto LBH-80 Double Sphere Ball Head /Arca Compatible

Double Ball Design

The large 82mm outer ball allows for panning motion and leveling the head.
The 58mm inner ball operates on the remaining pan and tilt axes, acting as a two-way head nestled within the outer ball.
The spring balance design is incorporated in both balls for a gimbal-like range of movement without the risk of lens flop. Each ball provides tension and locks individually for precision control of your lens movement.

Comes with a 130mm Arca Compatible quick release plate and a handle for operation


Height 125mm

Weight 1.36kg

Capacity 60kg/132lb

Inner Ball Diameter 58mm

Outer Ball Diameter 82mm

Base Thread 3/8"

Base Diameter 78mm

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