Leofoto LY-224C+LH-25 Y Shaped Center Column 4-section Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit (Black/Blue/Red/Yellow)

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Leofoto LY-224C+LH-25 Y Shaped Center Column 4-section Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ballhead Kit (Black/Blue/Red/Yellow)

* Y shaped center column allows tripod legs to be closer together without sacrificing its stability and functions
* 1 second loosening / tightening center column lock
*4 angles adjustment:23°/ 42°/62°/82°
*Include an Extra-short Center Column for Lower settings

Leofoto LY-224C+LH-25 Tripod Set Specification

Max. Height: 1410mm
Min. Height: 125mm
Folded length: 480mm
Leg Section: 4
Max load: 6kg
Weight: 1kg

Leofoto LH-25 25mm Low Profile Ball Head + PU-25 QR Plate, Arca-Swiss
Ball diameter: 25mm
Panning base diameter: 36mm
Height: 67mm
Mounting hole: UNC3/8"-16
Max load: 6kg
Weight: 172g

Customer Reviews

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Richard Burdon (Macclesfield, GB)
Leofoto LY 224C

When I swapped my big heavy DSLR for a mirrorless camera three years ago, one of my main drivers was to save weight and size. Since then I’ve been able to change to a smaller, lighter camera bag and also a much lighter tripod, but the tripod I settled on wasn’t very compact, so I continued my search.
I first discovered the “Leofoto” brand a couple of years ago and decided that they had some interesting products, but it wasn’t until they announced their “Mr. Y” tripod that I really sat up and took some notice. Here was tripod that was light, rigid and very compact when stowed. The tripod wasn’t available in the UK where I live, but it was available via Leofoto USA, so I placed my order and 5 days later it arrived.
I’m very pleased with the quality of the product. Its’s light and very rigid and I particularly like the way the centre column inverts for low angle shooting and I also like the ease of adjusting the legs to the 4 different angles.
Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase. Ideally for my use, I would have preferred it to be 50mm longer when stowed and I would prefer a tripod head with a separate pan rotate, but these are minor gripes.

Lee (Marysville, US)
Perfect for travel!

Less than a 1kg with ball head? yes!
super lightweight & minimal volume tripod on the market.
Y shape center column makes this tripod super compact.
However unlike its brother model, LY-284, center column is a fixed length. It comes with shorter extra center column but, I have to carry it separately and ball head is also need to be moved from longer center column to shorter one. (NOT sure why they didn't make it as LY-284 center column which is detachable. )
When it got packed, it is so compacted. So 52mm lens cap can cover 95% of tripod.
Since this small ball head still uses arca swiss plate, I can use this tripod for light stand in case I need to use it.
But, downside of ball head is pan function is almost useless since one lever controls both ball and pan axis. (in order to use pan, ball needs to be unlocked...)
despite of some cons, super light weight and super minimal volume, it would be the best for under $200.

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