Leofoto LCH-2S 16" Laptop / Projector Tray / Combined with Tripod 3/8" Mounting Socket / Arca Swiss Dovetail Panning Base


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Leofoto LCH-2S is designed for photographers who use laptops to do post-processing when shooting outdoors. Compared to LCH-2, LCH-2S only comes with a 3/8'' mounting hole, thus giving a lighter weight. The tray is 8.9'' and fits almost all laptops of different sizes. Flanges on the 4 sides of the tray are for stopping the laptop from accidental dropping. The tray can be mounted on ball heads/tripods via the 3/8'' mounting socket and Arca standard dovetail. With the 360° panning base on the bottom, the tray can pan 360° smoothly.

  • Size: 390*280mm
  • Weight: 603g
  • Mounting hole: 3/8"

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I needed. This is a must have for anyone who needs a portable stand for a laptop or other device. It connects quickly to an Arca Swiss style tripod clamp and doesn't take up too much space when not in use.

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