Leofoto DH-60C Indexing Rotator Kit/Arca Dovetail QR clamp and Plate

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Leofoto DH-60C kit Indexing Rotator/Arca Dovetail QR clamp and Plate

Kit: DH-60C indexing rotator, DM-60 quick coupling and a BPL-50 quick coupling plate
Ideal for panorama photography
Equipped with spirit levels
Material: aluminum
Base plate diameter: 60 mm
Height Including quick-release plate: 48 mm
Maximum load capacity: 15 kg
Kit weight: 39 grams
Mounting screws : UNC1/4"-20

Blue screw for the 90, 60, 36, 20 ° The blue screws can be used alone to achieve these degrees.

Always pair Blue and Red knobs in the corresponding position
45 °: 90 blue locked with 45 red locked
30 °: 60 blue locked with 30 red locked
18 °: 36 blue locked with 18 red locked
10°: 20 blue locked with 10 red locked

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