Leofoto LS-223C Mini Professional Light Weight Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit

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Title: LS-223C
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Made of TORAYCA carbon fiber, rhombus cross pattern tubes 10 layers of 100% carbon fiber CNC precision machined from 6061/7075 aluminum alloy

Leofoto LS-223C Tripod

Max. Height: 310mm
Min. Height: 45mm
Folded length: 200mm
Leg Section : 3
Max load: 10kg
Weight: 0.54kg

Customer Reviews

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Patrick horan

This mini tripod exceeded my expectations and I own a full size ranger.model and have been using that over a year.its very sturdy and light weight.the small ball heads more than enough too support any set up to ten pounds easily.no regrets with my leofoto purchases.

Kevin Hurt

This thing is much smaller than I anticipated. It's well constructed and strong enough to support what I need it for. I am using it for camera trap setups with a low perspective. For special purpose uses, I think it's a great product. I could see it used by influencers making YouTube videos but for me it's an outdoor product that I plan on leaving in the woods for weeks at a time. I like the Leofoto line of products.

Steve Wheeler

I am very impressed with this little tripod. Blew my mind when I first took it out of the box. Build quality.... Fit and finish are all top notch. I bought the LS-223C to hold a spotting scope at the shooting range, and to replace the little chincy one that came with the scope. Replace it did, and then some. Handles the scope and fluid head with absolute ease. I would buy it again in a heartbeat and/or recommend it to a friend, no questions asked.


I recently purchased the LS-223C Mini Tripod and coupled it to the BV-1R Mini Compact Fluid Head to use with my Vortex Diamondback HD 20-60X85 Spotting Scope. My first use was yesterday at the range shooting out to 500 yards with my Savage Precision Ultra PRS rifle. The Vortex was absolutely rock solid on the LEOFOTO Tripod and Fluid Head. The smoothness of the ballhead made transitioning from one target to another a snap. Several of the club members had to try out this setup and were all duly impressed and most likely will be opting for a similar rig from LEOFOTO. The workmanship, fit, finish and overall quality of this tripod and head is exceptional. In fact this replaces a Gitzo table top tripod with a RRS head, that's how good it is!


Great table top tripod.

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