Leofoto LS-224C Professional Light Weight Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit

Title: LS-224C+DC-222C

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Leofoto LS-224C + LH-25 + DC-222C Professional Light Weight Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit
Max. Height: 1165mm
Min. Height: 125mm
Folded length: 475mm
Leg Section: 4
Max load: 6kg
Weight: 0.90kg
(Above specifications excl. the center column)

Separate center column: Extended 329mm
CNC tripod with ball head & separate center column
10X Layers Carbon fiber Tubes:

Includes LH-25 Low Profile Head & QR Plate, Add-on Center Column DC-222C, Carry Case & Tripod Spike Set

Customer Reviews

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This is a delightfully compact tripod and ball head. I am using it which a Nikon Z7 and lenses like the Z24-120/4S. I do not use the little QR plate that comes with the tripod, but instead an L-bracket.
As I expected using that size a camera on this compact a tripod/ball head is a compromise. I visually measured yaw settling time using the 24-120 at 120mm. This setup without using the column extension took about twice as long to settle as a 3.5 lb tripod/ball head setup. On the other hand, this setup settled twice as fast as a 2 lb aluminum tripod/ball head setup. To me that means this setup is doing as well as one could expect for such a lightweight/compact setup. Using the column extension at full height doubles the settling time and would probably be a no-go in a stiff breeze as a result. The column extension at half height is much more manageable.
The ball head itself is very good for its size. It has a reasonable amount of dip when locking with as large a setup as I'm using. The leg locks are smooth and easy to use.
One concern is that if you aren't using an L bracket then portrait orientation shooting may be constrained without using the column extension. There may be interference between the camera and the legs in portrait. This is not a unique problem to this setup, but given how compact everything is it may be a more frequent problem than will other setups.
Overall I'm very happy with this as a compromised lightweight tripod for when I'm out hiking and taking photos in dark canyons. It is too small a tripod to be rock solid with a FF camera in all conditions, but it will work well in sheltered areas or mild breeze days. For taking a telephoto shot from a windy ridge line you'll need a different tripod. Again, I can't imagine a tripod of this size doing any better.

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