Leofoto LS-364CL(Long) Ranger Series Tripod Set


Style: LS-364CL
Sale price$369.00


Leofoto LS-364CL Extra Long Tripod

(No center column)

Max. height: 2120mm / 83.46 inches
Min. height: 150mm / 5.9 inches
Folded length: 712mm / 28 inches
Leg Section : 4
Max load: 20kg
Weight: 2kg

Customer Reviews

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Terri K (Seattle, US)
Excellent Tripod!

Leofoto LS-364CL (Long) Tripod:

Operationally, a VERY smooth tripod.
Legs release effortlessly. This is a tall tripod, which I wanted for side hill shooting.
I give this tripod a five star rating and would highly recommend it!

Robert B (Highlands Ranch, US)
tall, and I like it that way

Love the height. I often find myself in odd places in the mountains, and to get the tripod to work I often need at least one leg much longer. This works. I see the use of this for portraits too. Yes, I will need a step stool too, but having the extra height is welcome. Seems sturdy enough, hook works well for adding extra weight, wish there was some padding on two of the legs for handling (I guess the tripod weights less without padding). It does come with a carry bag though.

David Venables (Magnolia, US)
LS-364L with the 47R head

I like it. Took a little bit to get used to the longer legs since the other tripod I have is not a long version.
Handles the abuse of shooting and spotting off of it like a champ.
Very happy I purchased it.

Marco Cano (Katy, US)
Almost perfect

The quality of this is incredible. Ive had Manfrottos in the past and this is an upgrade over this. My only gripe is the height. Its too long. The problem is that LF only offers a 55" height LS or the 82" LS. Thats a 27" jump. The perfect size for me would be 70" as I am 6ft. It would be ideal if they could have a tripod for all 6ft men.

Customer (Hampton, US)
Leofoto very poor style of adverts & naming schemes make shopping difficult ....

I want to buy a Leofoto tripod as I like the monopod I bought, and I'm shown a variety of images and names but in order to cull the selection I have to read every ad. You can tell NOTHING by the names, or the thumbnail ads. It's just remarkably poor presentation. Even reading the ads is annoying, why would they feature that a long version tripod goes very low? It's nonsense, this unit goes 82" high, I am not going to use to shoot at ground level. I can't tell if it is center column capable, etc. Just terrible marketing. They make nice stuff, the prices are good, the service good, but you can't parse the products with the site. It's infuriating.
Leofoto, select an array of qualities that your products off and they state clearly in each ad whether that model has or does not have each feature. Put the models into clearly delineated categories according to feature set and then by rank. Stop hiding behind names that belong in an inventory spreadsheet.
Furthermore I don't care how many weaves are in the carbon or that you include the "hang tag" or a tiny plastic bag for parts. I care about function and features and dimensions. Wake up! Fire your whole ad team!

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