Leofoto CHG-01 Carbon Fiber Knob Handle for Monopods

SKU: CHG-01-Black

Color: Black
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The Leofoto CHG-01 Carbon Fiber Knob Handle transforms your monopod into a walking stick/cane for hiking or walking. The CHG-01 is constructed of carbon fiber and hard anodized aluminum. The included arca rail adds versatility in mounting options. The CHG-01 Knob Handle can be mounted via the arca-rail on any arca compatible clamp or the rail can be removed and the knob handle can be mounted via a 3/8" mounting screw. There are four color options available.

3/8"-16 Mounting Socket

Arca Compatible

Customer Reviews

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James Strader (Tulsa, US)
Nice accessory

Nice addition for the monopod when using as a walking staff getting to those off the trail locations

Lauren (Winter Garden, US)
Awesome little accessory

I can't believe this little thing exists! I hacked together a long lens support. I got a clamp from Acratech (Locking lever clamp) because of the awesome lever mechanism of that, and a cool handgrip from Camvate. This little gizmo was the last piece of the puzzle. If Leofoto combines all these together, they will have an awesome new product. It takes the pain out of hand-holding a long lens. Notice how the weight of your long lens is spread out, so you can hand-hold it. One hand on the camera, the other, supporting it from below.
Without this accessory, the full weight of the lens is hard on your hand

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