Leofoto G4-LR Four Way Geared Head with Lever Release Clamp | Arca Compatible


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Tilt and pivot your camera in three-dimensional space with the Leofoto G4LR Professional Geared Head, which combines the advantages of a ball head and a 3D tilt head in one compact system. When both X- and Y-axes are open, one can move the camera freely but, as opposed to a ball head, the X- and Y-axis movements can also be made individually. If one of these axes is fixed, movements can be performed with even more precision.

The design of this head puts the center of rotation of X and Y- tilts in the same place, making the pivoting radius of these movements very small, thus allowing users to maintain perspectives during readjustment. The self-locking shock absorption feature for the swivel function allows for near total compensation of the camera's weight. In addition to manual operation, the G4LR also offers the precision of separate gear-driven vertical/horizontal movements when the locking levers are fixed, with quick release clutches for fast, large adjustments.

Another notable feature is the separate 360° panning on the base of the head. The bottom section allows for camera alignment. Two spirit levels, arranged at 90° angles underneath the upper panorama adjustment, are sufficiently visible to facilitate effective leveling, even from a low viewpoint. 

Leofoto G4-LR:
Height: 108mm/ 4.25in
Weight: 690g/ 1.52lb
Ball Diameter: 40 mm / 1.57 in
Max load: 20kg/ 44lb
Mounting hole: UNC3/8"-16
Panning base diameter: 60mm/ 2.36in

Customer Reviews

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Erik Benjamins (Long Beach, US)
Extremely positive so far

I’ve only been able to use the head on a single shoot, but so far am incredibly pleased with the build quality, slim size and functionality. It would have been nice to have had the additional panning head element, but I love the release clamp. Would absolutely recommend.

Kyle Bultman (Grand Rapids, US)

I professionally photograph luxury real estate and architecture and this is perfect for that use. Its perfectly solid and smooth without being too heavy, which is very important to me because I carry this around all day every day. I bought a second on for my staff photographer and she likes it too. I also bought the clamping arca swiss plates to upgrade my other tripod heads. That is the only arca swiss plate you should own in my factual opinion. It's even adjustable to work with the semi arca style plates that DJI gimbals use so I can go straight from my tripod to my gimbal. I love how quickly I can flip to vertical mode, all the heads that make you crank all the way to vertical are so slow it's not worth it. The Manfrotto does't have a crank but it has slop and jumps between gears when you make large adjustments like going from vertical to horizontal. If this ever wears out I will buy another one. It seems like it will last a lot longer than the Manfrotto and Sunway ones that broke after a year. So far mine has stood up to daily professional use for over a year very well.

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