Leofoto GC-282C Geared Add-On Center Column

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The Leofoto GC-282C Geared Add-On Center Column is an adjustable, two-section center column extension for tripods and monopods. Made up of two lightweight yet durable 10-layer carbon fiber tubes, the GC Center Column adds height to the setup featuring the same high quality rubber grip twist leg lock and anodized aluminum hardware that come standard on Leofoto tripods. This center column add-on features a geared extension crank handle for precise vertical movement. The column base has a 3/8"-16 threaded mounting socket while the top features a spring-loaded, convertible 3/8"-16 threaded mounting stud that can be slid down to reveal a 1/4"-20 threaded mounting stud, making it compatible with virtually any head. 

Leofoto GC-282C:

Maximum Height: 325mm/ 12.79in

Folded Height: 215mm/ 8.46in

Weight: 300g/ 0.66lb

Load Capacity: 20kg/ 44lb

Base Diameter: 38mm/ 1.49in


Customer Reviews

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David G

The GC282-AL Multi-Function Arm is a fantastic device. Its the right size, and works well. I had been looking for something like this for a while, to use for macro photography in the field, but if I went back to doing photography inside, I could see uses for it there too. I'm glad I found it, because I consider this a must-have unit. I use it on a tripod, where I've removed the tripod head (I use Leofoto QS-50 quick releases; more on that later) and it allows the Multi-Function Arm to quickly mount in place on the top of the tripod. At the camera end of the Multi-Function Arm, I have another Leofoto QS-50 quick release, so that I can quickly put on or take off different small tripod heads (depending on what I like for the task I'm working on). Once the tripod head is on the working end of the Multi-Function Arm, then I quickly mount the camera, so all of those things can get in place in under 15 seconds (I haven't timed it, but it feels like under 15 seconds), which is remarkable. The Multi-Function Arm allows the moving arm part to be moved via a knob, or use the crank thats built into that knob, so that I can get the camera positioned where I want it. The positioning of both the base, and the arm, can be locked. And at the other end of the arm, there is a hook, so that a counter-balance can be attached, such as a bag etc. I have not had to use that, but its nice that the hook is there. The hook rotates with the arm when the arm is rotated in order to lock or unlock the arm positioning. I would've liked the hook to not move in rotation like that, but I don't see it as a big problem. Its still functional the way it is. Overall, this is a terrific bit of gear, and for me doing macro work in the field, I wouldn't leave home without it. As an aside, I've had tripods that have the horizontal arm built in, and none of them were to my liking. This Leofoto Multi-Function Arm, with its geared movement, is really what I was looking for, and its much better on a quality tripod of my choosing, rather than having an overall packaged tripod thats not what I like. Again, this Leofoto Multi-Function Arm is a nice piece, and similar to the other Leofoto gear that I've purchased, its a quality item. I give it 5-stars.

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