Leofoto GW-01 3-Way Geared Head with QR Plate | Arca Compatible

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The Leofoto GW-01 3-Way Geared Head is designed to offer precision control over camera movements. This geared head is ideal for studio still life photographers as well as landscape photographers chasing golden hours at sunrise and sunset. The GW-01 delivers sprat, precise movement in three directions. The controls allow the user to quickly set the camera position before using the large control knobs to apply precise micro adjustments guaranteeing the optimal positioning for that perfectly framed shot.

The head can be rotated 360 degrees, tilted 90 degrees forward or 30 degrees backward as well as 90 degree tilt for portrait orientation. Each of these three movements function independently and have individual control knobs. The star shaped snap-lock knob allows the user to articulate the gears freely for rapid adjustments while the twist knobs control the precise, geared movement. The GW-01 also features angle scales for each movement to promote fast and repeatable device positioning.

Leofoto GW-01:

Weight - 1kg / 2.2 lb
Max Load - 8kg / 17.6 lb
Mounting Screw - UNC 3/8"-16

Customer Reviews

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David Aimone (Albany, US)
Great Product, Great Service

I’ve had a LeoFoto carbon fiber tripod for years, probably one of the first purchasers in the USA. Recently I needed to upgrade this tripod with other arms and attachments to function better when using as a large format tripod, and a darkroom portable enlarger tripod. Products work great, and customer service has been wonderful. Thanks!

Customer (Stafford, US)
Perfect and sturdy

Perfect - sturdy - and moves well to adjust for your photos

John Blausey (Rohnert Park, US)
Solid as a rock

The Leofoto GW-01 3-Way Geared Head is a joy to use. Solid is the word that comes to mind. It does not wobble or even move slightly after adjusting it. There is no wiggling or slack in the gears at all. The fast adjustment is perfect. Go from horizontal to vertical for instance quickly and fine adjust with the knob. Great design and function. I have been using another geared head that never worked this way. When the gear finally broke I tried to get it repair under warranty but was told I had ot ship it to China and wait to see what they did with it. Leofoto does all of this in the USA if need be and I sure am happy I found Leofoto. This is a great head and I I will replace the tripod as well very soon.

Kim (New York, US)
Great quality + awesome price

For its price, it's a nice product. I had G4 but it wasn't great as it has some flaws. But GW-01 is very sturdy and super tough. Most geared heads are extremely expensive which is more than $400 but GW-01 starts from $229 which is very impressive. There is no competition within that price and it's way better than other geared head unless they cost more than $1000. You probably need to compare this to Manfrotto 405 geared head which is $730 and in 3 way geared head, GW-01 is the best. The only issue is the size but this is what you get for the highest quality. Gears are smooth and built like a tank. A geared head for $229 itself is already a killer point. You wont gonna find this kind of head from other brands. You know, Leofoto products are great.

Matthew Spangler (Washington, US)
An incredible Geared Tripod Head for Architectural Photography

I was impressed with the fast delivery and proper packaging of the Leofoto GW-01 Geared 3-Way Ball Head and plate. Upon using the head on a job, I found it to be extremely well manufactured and offered very precise geared movement allowing for precise leveling. I highly recommend this head for Architectural Photography where precision is a must.

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