Leofoto HD-02 Handle for BV-1/1R, BV-5 Fluid Heads

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 New release. Availability to be announced (TBA).

The Leofoto HD-02 is a 2-section handle for Leofoto BV-1/1R, BV-5 Fluid Heads. This handle features a silicone handle for added comfort. It can be extended from 275mm to 370mm. 

The HD-02 Handle is ambidextrous and can be installed on either side of the fluid head. To install properly, the handle must be first converted to the correct orientation. The HD-02 comes in "right" orientation initially. To convert the orientation to "left", the knob attached to the rosette connector or "toothed joint" must be fully removed. The rosette connector must be completely separated from the handle, inverted and then re-attached in the correct orientation before installing. Placing the handle in "right" orientation on the left side of a fluid head will cause interference 

Maximum length: 370 mm / 14.57 inches
Minimum length: 275 mm / 10.83 inches

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