Leofoto LQ-324C Premium Carbon Fiber Tripod with Quick Swap Center Column+Apex Platform and Tripod Bag

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Leofoto LQ-324C Premium Carbon Fiber Tripod with Quick Swap Center Column+Apex Platform and Tripod Bag 

The versatile Mr. Q LQ-324C Carbon Fiber Tripod features Leofoto's most advanced technology and design. The LQ series is a lightweight tripod that comes with both an apex platform for optimal stability as well as an interchangeable center column for flexibility in height adjustments. The apex platform is CNC machined from 7075 aluminum creating the ultimate strength and durability. On the platform is a new central locking system with a "Q-shaped" design allowing the user to swap the center within 3 seconds. The LQ series tripods feature Leofoto's latest 3rd generation carbon fiber with increased density and a new "snow capped mountain pattern" inspired by nature. The legs feature independent spread to achieve level positioning on uneven terrain and to allow a low perspective minimum shooting height while still maintaining a load capacity of 33 lb. 

  • Center column length: 12.2"
  • Platform diameter:  2.2" / 56mm
  • Apex platform and center column can be exchanged quickly
  • Removable hook that can attach to both center column and platform
  • Apex platform 3/8" mounting stud screw
  • 1/4"-20 and a 3/8"-16 threaded anti-twisting accessory socket
  • Mushroom-shaped rubber feet with reinforced aluminum inner core (3/8")
  • Included stainless steel spike foot set to swap for various terrain (3/8")


    Leofoto LQ-324C Tripod:

    Max. height (w/o center column): 1308mm / 51.5in
    Max. height (with center column): 1598mm / 62.91in
    Folded length: 493mm / 19.4in
    Leg Section: 4
    Min. height: 78mm / 6.5in
    Weight: 1.49kg / 3.28lb
    Max load: 15kg / 33lb

    CNC tripod , Hard anodized 7075 aluminum 
    10X Layer Carbon fiber tubes: 32/28/25/22MM

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Jerry Pedersen (Luck, US)
    Nice medium sized tripod

    I have larger, heavier Leofoto tripods that I like to use when working out of my car - but - I wanted a lighter tripod with good features and this LQ-324C fit the bill. I already use the QS-70M w/my larger tripod and added one to this center column so I can interchange my ball heads and gimbal. It is easy to strap to a backpack when weight is an issue.

    Eric M Hilton (Parrish, US)
    What a great designed tripod for the working pro

    I was on a photoshoot when my favorite tripod of 5 years was stolen.
    Having a heavy shooting schedule, I need another pro tripod ASAP. I have always wanted to try the Leofoto tripod, but couldn’t justify the cost, especially since I had one I loved. I looked at the design and saw it had a quick release center column, which I could remove without any tools. Since I shoot many low angle shots, this allowed me to go lower than my other tripod and was extremely solid. I also noticed the twist locking grips to be substantualy heavier than my old one and locked quicker. And, the Tripod came with the replaceable spike feet, which I need for my outdoor shooting, which my other tripod did not have.
    Having to need a new ball head, I ordered their low profile LH -55 head with the quick leaver locking device. I have to say, after working with this combonation , that this could possibly be the best tripod /head I have ever used. The only thing that I wish it had, was retractable spike /rubber feet. Especially when I need to work both indoors and out on the same shoot.

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