Leofoto LS-324C PRO Ranger Series Tripod | Water-Resistant and Improved Carbon Fiber


Size: LS-324C Pro
Sale price$349.00


The Leofoto LS-324C PRO Ranger Series Carbon Fiber Tripod improves upon the classic Leofoto Ranger Series tripods with the latest technology. The Pro model features higher density carbon fiber leg tubes for greater strength and rigidity. Another addition is the water resistant twist leg locks which keep water and debris to a minimum. The angle stops have also been improved to be more ergonomic and offer 4 separate angle positions from the previous three. Lastly, the compact apex platform has been redesigned to offer 10% more surface area for mounting the head.
  • Independent Leg Spread
  • Latest Carbon Fiber Technology
  • Improved Apex Design
  • Water-Resistant Twist Leg Locks
  • Improved Ergonomic Angle Stops
  • Four Angle Positions: 23 °, 42 °, 62 ° and 82°
  • 1/4"-20 threaded Accessory Socket 
  • Rubber Feet (3/8") and Interchangeable Spikes
  • Carrying Case 

Leofoto tripods feature light weight carbon fiber tubes to reduce weight while maintaining a high load capacity. The T6-6061 grade aluminum hardware is CNC machined and hard anodized, creating a durable and scratch resistant setup. The standard twist leg lock system can be quickly deployed with a quarter turn. With the tripod's variable leg angle positions, the tripod can be completely spread out, so the support can drop to a very low minimum height. 

The Leofoto LH-LR Series Ball Head is a great support solution in a small form factor for all general photography, and will give you fast and accurate control and solid support of your camera or lens. Aiming and horizon leveling can be accomplished as one instinctive motion, and rigid lockup takes just a quick twist of one control. Since the ball head profile is smaller and lacks the protruding handles, they are also much easier to carry and pack. These are no-nonsense heads with robust capacity, offering minimal weight and elegant simplicity. They excel as ground-level macro tools, but also as super light heads for backpacking, travel, and table top use. The head features a single ball locking knob while the panning base has a separate lock and is laser-engraved in 2.5-degree increments from 0-360 degrees for accurate repeatability. What differentiates the LH-LR is the lever release clamp which allows quick attach and de-attach versus a knob clamp that allows for maximum clamping force.

LS-324C PRO Tripod:
Max. height: 1400mm/ 55.11"
Min. height: 105mm/ 4.13"
Folded length: 515mm/ 20.27"
Leg Section: 4
Max load: 15kg/ 33lb
Weight: 1.49kg/ 3.28lb

Leofoto LH-40LR Ball Head:

Ball diameter: 40mm / 1.57in
Panning base diameter: 57mm / 2.24in
Height: 91mm / 3.58in
Mounting hole: UNC3/8"-16
Max load: 20kg / 44.09lb
Weight: 530g / 1.16lb

Customer Reviews

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EVPhotography (Eagle Mountain, US)
Great Value in CF tripod!

So I have couple tripods including a smaller light RRS. I see others compare the Leofoto to RRS and let me say you are not getting RRS tripod for 1/3 of price. There is a reason why RRS cost three times the price of this Leofoto and it's because they have hands down the highest strength to weight tripods made. My smaller 4 section RRS tripod with 28mm legs and weights only 2.4lb is actually more stable than this one. But since it cost more than twice as much, I would expect it to be better. For those you might think I'm bias, just test it. Put on you camera with larger telephoto lens (like 400-500mm), then zoom (100%) on the LCD screen o
n a subject and lock it down with a good ball head (this is best method to see any shake or vibration in your camera). Then tap the side of the camera and see how long it takes for the camera shake (vibration) to stop. On my RRS it was 4 seconds, on this Leofoto it was about 6-7 sec. But I bought this for my wildlife photography and since I don't ever shoot at really long and slow shutter speeds that extra stability you get with much more expensive tripods is not needed. So I think it is great for what it cost and worth every cent. I don't regret buying it because I wanted a smaller lighter tripod that would be taller than my lightweight RRS that only gets to height of 49". Having the extra 6" in height is exactly what I need. I also own one of their monopods and their LH-40 ball head which I love both of them. Really great value, but please know you're not getting a $1000 tripod for $350.


Leofoto LS-324C PRO Ranger Series Tripod | Water-Resistant and Improved Carbon Fiber

Nicki Butterfield (Salt Lake City, US)
Close to sliced bread!

This little beauty was the most recent addition to my gear. I had the chance to use it in Yosemite this past week and it did not disappoint. The twist locks are quick to release the legs and easy to compact again. It was sturdy and sure footed even when I placed it on a rock in stream. Highly recommended!

Chris Gotz (Minneapolis, US)
Very Impressed

I have a few Really Right Stuff tripods and was looking for something with similar specs as this one. I expected to receive this tripod and then understand why it's 1/3 the price of a RRS one. But I've been really impressed. I recently took it on a trip to Olympic National Park where it saw a lot of rain and salt water. And it held up perfectly. The twist locks work really well (although I wish there was a chamfer on the top part of them like there is on the bottom), it's very stable, reasonably tall, and the overall function is great. The snow peak pattern looks very cool and almost indistinguishable to the RRS tripod. This has to be the best value tripod out there.

Andy in NY (Clinton, US)
A real nice field tripod

I was searching for a water resistant, 4 section tripod that collapses to less than 22” (airplane carry on limit), is suitable for my spotting scope and camera, and provides a comfortable working height on level ground for my 6’ body size. I was also looking for long term durability in the twist locks. I really, really like the design of the twist locks. If the rubber grip pads ever fail in the future, you still have the metal grips. They loosen with a simple quarter turn. There are 4 positions for leg angles. The snow peak pattern of the carbon fiber looks great. My scope and camera feel rock solid on this tripod. It comes with a decent bag, spikes for the feet, a carabiner clip with mounting screw to hang a center weight, a multi hex tool and various hex wrenches for adjustments. I also like that Leofoto offers a wide variety of accessories for their tripods if you need to further customize it. Overall, it is a great value for the features provided.

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