Leofoto LS-CEX Leveling Tripod Apex with FIXED Leveling Base


Size: 22CEX
Sale price$69.00


Leofoto LS-CEX Leveling Tripod Apex with FIXED Leveling Base

Upgrade your existing tripod with the Leofoto LS-CEX Leveling Tripod Apex featuring a FIXED Leveling Base. This innovative accessory enables you to achieve perfectly level shots on any terrain. Simply select the appropriate size to match your tripod legs, and you'll have a tripod with an integrated leveling base.

*There is no accessory mounting socket

22CEX for 22mm legs

25CEX for 25mm legs

28CEX for 28mm legs

32CEX for 32mm legs

36CEX for 36mm legs

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Noppadol Paothong (Columbia, US)
Great product and makes my tripod more versatile

I originally got Leofoto LS-365 C and really like it. However, by adding LC-CEX Leveling base makes it much more versatile. The conversion took a little time as it didn’t come with an instruction but it was very easy to figure out.

W J Stickley Jr (West Palm Beach, US)
Leofoto LS-323C Conversion

I replaced the original apex on the Leofoto LS-323C with the LS-CEX leveling base. It is easy to level and works well with the LEOFOTO VH-30 Head. I appreciate the convenience of having the leveling base always available when using the LS-323C.

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