Leofoto LVF-163C+FH-10 Video Tripod and Fluid Head Set

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2024 New Release. Expected Release Date: End of June

The Leofoto LVF-163C+FH-10 Video Tripod and Fluid Head Set is the newly designed video tripod set with a user-friendly design. The two stage tripod, features double extension to provide greater stability, allowing an extended height with a large payload. The multi-tube legs create enough rigidity to provide ample support for today's cameras. Capturing professional-quality footage has never been easier.

The included dolly provides smooth and stable movement. It features fast-action foot-operated brakes, adjustable cable guards and is fitted with track locks to provide steering. A small collapsed length enhances portability, while the ergonomically designed carry handle is molded into the dolly's reinforced center bracket for optimum carriage strength.

Max. height: 1690mm / 5ft 6.54in
Min. height: 400mm / 1ft 3.74in
Folded length: 910mm / 2ft 11.88in
Max load: 8kg / 17.64lbs
Weight: 5.28kg / 11.64lbs


The Leofoto FH-10 Fluid Video Head is Leofoto's latest professional-grade offering, boasting exceptional functionality, precision engineering, and smooth operation. Designed with ergonomic efficiency in mind, this fluid head is ideal for a range of applications.

The FH-10 features eight steps of counterbalance and three steps of pan and tilt drag adjustment, plus a zero drag option for pan and tilt.

Height: 308mm / 12.13''
Weight: 1.5kg / 3.31lbs
Payload: 2kg to 8kg /4.41lbs to 17.64lbs
Counterbalance: Incremental 8-Step
Base Mount: 75 mm Half Ball
Pan Handle Fittings: 2x Rosette
Bubble Level: 1x Illuminated

Pan & Tilt:
Drag Control:
Pan: Stepped 3-Step Plus 0
Tilt: Stepped 3-Step Plus 0
Drag Type: Fluid
Vertical Tilt: +90° to -70°

Camera Attachment:
Camera Plate Features: Quick Release, Sliding Balance Plate
Balance Plate Sliding Range: 130 mm / 5.1''
Camera Mounting Screw: 1x 1/4"-20 Male, 1x 3/8"-16 Male
Plate Type: Arca-Swiss Standard

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