Leofoto MH-35 Full Dynamic Ball Head /w Handlebar Control | Arca Compatible | Ideal for Target Shooting

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The Leofoto MH-35 Full Dynamic Ball Head with Handlebar Control is designed for photographers, shooters, hunters, and military applications. It features a motorcycle throttle-style main knob for rapid adjustment. With a more than 80% bared ball, it can provide a +/-55° tilt range, and the separate panning base features an independent locking knob and full 360° rotation. The friction tension can be adjusted and locked in place on the main control knob, which can extend in length from 70 to 92mm for finer control and improved ease of use when wearing gloves in cold conditions. The precision-machined 1.4"-diameter ball makes movement silky smooth, while providing a robust load capacity of 39.7 pounds.

The integrated Arca-type quick release set uses a classic clamping knob and has a precision scale for fast balance and repeatable setups. The included BPL-50N quick release plate has rubberized, non-marring traction pads to prevent movement.


Height: 94mm / 3.7 inches
Base diameter: 45mm / 1.77 inches
Ball diameter: 35mm / 1.38 inches
Mounting hole: UNC3/8"
Weight: 500g / 1.10 lbs
Max load: 18kg / 39.69 lbs

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Kim (New York, US)
A nice head with a few problem.

This kind of ball head is originally from Novoflex's magicball ball head but Leofoto made a little bit different version. This is meant for using a rifle but can also be used for cameras. I would say Leofoto version is better cause it needs to withstand gun's impact and vibration. Unlike a normal ball head, MH series are easy and yet quick to use. The top plate is not rotable but you can switch the orientation. But they also have a version with a panning head which is not available on this website. The top plate is quite bothering if you dont use a telephoto lens or I would suggest you to get a panning head to replace it.

The only issue I see is the panning base with a screw. It bothers me a lot and I dont think you need a panning base at all. If you need a panning base for panorama or something else, then you better get geared head instead but it's useless anyway. But it seems Leofoto made another version call MH-S without a panning head so I would suggest to get those, not normal version.

Overall it's great but a few issues are bothering. Getting MH-S version with a panning clamp is the great option so far but it will cost much more.

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