Leofoto MH-60 Full Dynamic Ball Head /w Handlebar Control | Arca Compatible | Ideal for Target Shooting

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The Leofoto MH-60 Full Dynamic Ball Head with Handlebar Control is designed for photographers, shooters, hunters. It features a motorcycle throttle-style main knob for rapid adjustment. With a more than 80% bared ball, it can provide a +/-55° tilt range, and the separate panning base features an independent locking knob and full 360° rotation. The friction tension can be adjusted and locked in place on the main control knob, which can extend in length from 70 to 92mm for finer control and improved ease of use when wearing gloves in cold conditions. The precision-machined 2.4"-diameter ball makes movement silky smooth, while providing a robust load capacity of 66 pounds.

The integrated Arca-type quick release set uses a classic clamping knob and has a precision scale for fast balance and repeatable setups. The included QP-70N quick release plate has rubberized, non-marring traction pads to prevent movement.

Clamp type: screw clamp
Height : 129mm / 5.08 inches
Ball diameter: 60mm / 2.36 inches
Base diameter: 60mm / 2.36 inches
Mounting hole: UNC3/8"-16
Max load : 30kg / 66.14 lbs
Weight: 950g / 2.10 lbs

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This is the best ball mount I’ve owned.

David G

I was not sure what to expect with this type of ball head, but I was very curious because I was hopeful that it would handle better for some things than conventional ball heads. When it arrived it was a little larger than I was originally thinking, but thats a good thing. I didn't want a small version of this, so the size was welcome. The unit feels really strong. The weight is about what you'd expect from a full size ball head. I have other Leofoto products, and they're all very high quality. The quality and build-strength on all of the Leofoto items that I've bought have been terrific, and better than expected. I've used a number of RRS products, as well as numerous other brands, so I'm no stranger to this, but I'll admit that I had never seen a ball head of this type. I had some time to try the Leofoto MH-60 in the field. It holds a rifle well, and I'll echo the same positives that a prior reviewer mentioned, when he had his rifle on it. But my main reason for purchase was to see how it would be with a camera and a variety of lenses, especially when using a mid-size macro lens for close photos that aren't necessarily in the macro range, but need a mid-size or long macro lens and a quick operating ball head. I did not test the weight limit of the MH-60, but I tested it with a large DSLR camera with a grip on it, and several different small lenses, with a combo weight of roughly 4-pounds, and this ball head handled that with no problem. I also tried it with a large lens, the combo of which weighed just under 10-pounds, and it held that combo very well. There's enough tension (which has a small amount of adjustment) so that the camera/lens combo doesn't fall over when you're moving the ball head, and there was no movement once the handle locked it in position. The range of motion is very good, and is much better than conventional ball heads. I like this ball head with a rifle (same as the other reviewer), and I like it for doing quick close range photos with mid-size macro lenses because of this ball head's range of motion. I also find that the handle allows me to lock down a position a little faster (at least in my mind its faster) than with the conventional ball heads that I've been using (such as a large RRS unit). Sometimes when you're following something moving, and you need to point the camera/lens downward to some extent, you get sidetracked by your need to find the one or two slots on a conventional ball head that allow you to move the camera/lens downward. I didn't have that problem with this ball head, because it simply has a wider range of motion. My biggest fear was that the camera/lens combo would fall down because this is sort of an upside down ball head, but once you get it in your hands and use it, you'll see that its nothing to worry about. One of your hands will be on the camera, and the other hand on the handle of this ball head (while you're moving it), so there is really no risk that it will fall over. Plus the tension is quite good, and its adjustable. In summary, this is a great product, and I'm really glad I bought it. I think I'll be getting rid of one or two other items, now that I own this unit.

Edward Preto

I have been a competitive shooter for over 30 years and have been using tripods for rifle shooting for 8 years.  For precision rifle shooting, I currently use the Leofoto Tripod LN-364C with the Leofoto YB-75LC leveling head.  This is a great combination, however, the range of motion is +/- 15 degrees.  For steep angle shooting, you need a greater range of motion.  Also using the locking handle for the leveling head that is between the tripod legs can be awkward at times.  I have used other camera ball heads in the past and found that the locking adjustment is difficult to use as it is a small knob that can only be grasped with a thumb and finger.  The Leofoto MH-60 Magic Ball Head solves that concern with the side handle that permits rapid adjust and locks the rifle postion into place with quick twist of the wrist.  The handle postion is convenient for the support hand when aiming the rifle on a target or quickly moving the rifle to acquire a new target.  There is a panning feature that allows the rifle to pan without unlocking the ball head.  The MH-60  ball head is rated for 30 kg and it easily supports my 10 kg competition rifle that is in the Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) ACC Chassis with the Arca rail on the forend.  In comparision to the leveling head (half ball), the MH-60 is just as stable. A concern of the ball head design is the higher center of gravity with rifle attached can severely test the holding ability of the ball head.  The MH-60 easily meets the challenge with its large 60mm diameter ball and its secure locking mechanism.  Another well thought out feature is the main locking handle extends to allow for a better grip with your hand when using it.  The tension setting knob is useful to set up the MH-60 for your rifle to prevent unwanted movement with the main locking handle is backed off.  The range of movement is quite good, +/- 55 degrees side to side and +/- 115 degrees up and down.  I also find the MH-60 useful for using my rangefinding binoculars with the Leofoto BC-01 Binocular Adapter/Arca style.  Using binoculars on the BC-01 with a leveling head (YB75c) is not as convenient when searching for targets or game when hunting.  I had a friend try out the MH-60 and he was quite impressed how stable the combination was (MH-60 and LN364C).  We were able to make hits on 8in steel plates at 500 metres with our .223 centerfire bolt action rifles the MH-60.  I haven't had a chance to use it in dusty conditions, although its design with the open clamp will prevent dust and dirt from collecting and jamming up the ball head.  The day I tested it out the MH-60, it was very cold, -23 *C and it worked well in those harsh winter conditions.  Leofoto has a good design with this ball head and I'm confident other shooters who use  it will agree.  The only improvement I would make, would be to use a lever clamp on the Arca attachment as it is faster to attach a rifle to the ball head versus using the thumb screw.

Tom (Berlin, DE)
Clever, optimized Copy of Novoflex Original

Clever, optimized Copy of Novoflex
All fine, but a little bit sluggish assembly (e.g. the bubble levels were not mounted precisely - very good not only for shooting and hunting, but also for people and fashion

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