Leofoto MH-X Full Dynamic Ball Head /w Handlebar Control for SA-X Series Tripods | Rosette and 3/8'' Mounting | Arca+Picatinny Compatible

Size: MH-35X
Sale price$149.00


* The Leofoto MH-X Series head is a specifically designed version of the MH series ballheads for compatibility with the Leofoto SA-X Series Tripods. The MH-X has a special rosette connector to be compatible with the SA-X Series Tripods or a 3/8" mounting stud screw for compatibility with any 3/8" mounting stud tripod. This version does not have a panning base compared to the standard MH series ballheads.

The Leofoto MH-X Full Dynamic Ball Head with Handlebar Control for SA-X Series Tripods is designed for photographers, shooters, hunters, and military applications. It features a motorcycle throttle-style knob for rapid adjustment and locking the ball in place. The throttle knob can extend in length for ease of use when wearing gloves in cold or harsh conditions. The MH-X Series also features a silver dial on the inside of the throttle-style knob to control the friction, or drag on the ball. The precision-machined ball makes movement silky smooth and with a more than 80% bared ball. The ball head can provide a +/-55° tilt range for a dynamic range of motion. This head mounts via rosette connector onto an SA-X tripod or any standard 3/8" mounting tripod.
-Height: 98mm / 3.86in
-Base diameter: 28mm / 1.10in
-Ball diameter: 35mm / 1.38in
-Mounting: UNC3/8", Rosette for Leofoto SA-X tripods
-Weight: 500g / 1.1lb
-Max load: 18kg / 39.69lb
-Height: 104mm / 4.09in
-Base diameter: 28mm / 1.10in
-Ball diameter: 40mm / 1.57in
-Mounting: UNC3/8", Rosette for Leofoto SA-X tripods
-Weight: 540g / 1.19lb
-Max load: 20kg / 44.09lb
-Height: 117mm / 4.61in
-Base diameter: 28mm / 1.10in
-Ball diameter: 50mm / 1.97in
-Mounting: UNC3/8", Rosette for Leofoto SA-X tripods
-Weight: 715g / 1.58lb
-Max load: 25kg / 55.12lb
-Height: 129mm / 5.08in
-Base diameter: 28mm / 1.10in
-Ball diameter: 60mm / 2.36in
-Mounting: UNC3/8", Rosette for Leofoto SA-X tripods
-Weight: 895g / 1.97lb
-Max load: 30kg / 66.14lb

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