Leofoto MK-40X Outdoors Ball Head With Hybrid Lever-Release Clamp | Arca & Picatinny Compatible

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2024 NEW PRODUCT SNEAK PEAK - Release Date in May

The Leofoto MK-40X Rifle Ball Head With Hybrid Lever-Release Clamp was designed specifically to be used on an SA-X tripod, but it features both the SA-X rosette connection as well as a standard 3/8" mounting socket. The head has an elongated knob control, to lock/unlock the ball as well as a smaller tension control knob and a redesigned lever-release, hybrid clamp system for both the ARCA and Picatinny rails and an adjustable clamping width. The elongated knob is the perfect length to be used with a rifle clamping mount to not interfere with the large mount. The MK-40X is the ideal partner head for the Leofoto GS-3 Rifle Clamp.

Height: 90mm / 3.54 inches
Ball diameter: 40mm / 1.57 inches
Weight: 380g / 0.84 lbs
Max load: 20kg / 44.09 lbs

Mounting hole: UNC3/8", Rosette for Leofoto SA-X tripods

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