Leofoto NF-01N [Ver.2] Replacement Foot for NIKON AF-S 70-200 F/2.8E,500 F/5.6E


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The 2nd version Leofoto NF-01N is a meticulously engineered support which solves some design flaws of the first generation NF-01. The NF-01N replaces Nikon's original lens collar foot and provides a lower profile and a lower center of gravity for better balance. Two safety stops are located on the bottom of the foot, which prevents accidental lens release when a quick-release receiver clamp is partially open.
  • Built-in Arca-Swiss dovetail mounting and includes a Quick Detach (QD) Socket for quickly attaching a compatible strap or sling
  • 3/8" & 1/4" threaded mounting holes
  • Two M3 screws are included for use as optional safety stops
  • Lightweight, low profile and provides the best possible stability for your lens
  • Hard anodized, aircraft grade aluminum for maximum strength and durability


Nikon AF-S 70-200 F2.8E FL ED VR and AFS 500mm F5.6E Lenses


Customer Reviews

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Steven Bishkin (Dallas, US)
Saves an extra layer of connector to tripod

This device works great to connect to an ARCA - SWISS Tripod mount. No more slip sliding around with native Nikon mount.


Originally ordered on Mid July 2022 for Nikon 500mmPF. Build quality was good however there were two design flaws. The Secondary latch which goes underneath hole of lens to prevent lens plate to slide out was wider than hole itself. (hole width = approx 1/8", latch width = 1/8" ) So, it wouldn't lock it... Also, the spring which support that latch sits unevenly so it could fell out anytime soon. (see attached pic)

Contacted Leofoto USA immediately and they took this problem very seriously!

After Two month later, they redesigned whole latch system and spring location!!
Wow. I thought they would not take my advise as serious as I expected but I was wrong.. They contacted to manufacturer and immediately change their design started to produce new ones.
They even contact me personally once re-designed model came out. So I can try it out again.

New one comes with newly designed latch system and it fits perfectly!!
Also, Love to hear that "Click" sound when it goes into that hole and lock it. Sound of lock.. another sound of peace of mind!

It gives better grip than original one from Nikon since it has longer plate and their built-in Arca-Swiss mounting systems totally works with mine!
Additional QD socket will give me an additional option to carry my lovely lens for sure.
Build quality is still outstanding and I don't need to put piece of plastics between lens and leofoto plate to prevent wiggle side to side like other cheap ones on the market. This NF-01 plate connecting area is designed to fit perfectly!

As we all know, there are lots way more expensive ones on the market, however this newly design NF-01 will be the best for under $100.00 in both quality wise and functionally.

Attached pics will give future buyer better idea how Leofoto improves their product to fit it perfectly!
Since they haven't update their detailed pic, I guess they will need to update their product detail pics.

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