Leofoto PG-1 Lightweight Gimbal Tripod Head w/ Plate & Bag (Black/Camo)

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Leofoto PG-1 Lightweight Gimbal Tripod Head w/ Plate & Bag (Black/Camo Color)

Travel lightly with the Leofoto PG-1 Gimbal Head constructed from T6061 aluminum. The PG-1 enables you to capture fast-moving subjects with a large and heavy telephoto lens that you otherwise could not do manually holding the lens. The arm swings back and forth and can be locked down at the required angle. The camera platform, which is Arca-type compatible, has height adjustability to help balance a telephoto lens on the head. Future setups can be easily repeated because of the printed scale on the side of the swing arm. Also, on the side of the arm are 1/4"-20 sockets for accessories. The gimbal head can easily hold up to 55 lb of equipment and rotate a full 360° while keeping the horizon straight using the bubble level at the base of the head.

Leofoto PG-1 Gimbal Head:

Height: 225mm / 10.04in
Panning base diameter: 60mm / 2.36in
Mounting hole: UNC 3/8"-16

Weight: 1kg / 2.2lb
Max load: 25kg / 55.12lb

Customer Reviews

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Michael Davis (Bluffton, US)
Great Gimbal at a Good Price

I saw a review on many gimbals and I was impressed with the weight, design, load limits, price and the fine tension adjustments. Very impressed with a Nikon Z9 and 500f4G balancing well on the gimbal and the nice “free spin” rotation of the setup!! I wanted to wait on the new products that are being released in a month or so (PG-2/PG-3), but couldn’t find any information on them. Although they were shown at the CO+23 in Japan, per customer support. Happy with the performance of PG-1 for gimbal for the long prime lenses !

Russell Johnson (Watertown, US)

I like the Gimbal, the only problem is if I use a short lens I can't mount the camera on the arm using the camera mount because the width of the camera is too wide.

Christian Jensen (Reston, US)

Leofoto PG-1 Lightweight Gimbal Tripod Head w/ Plate & Bag (Black/Camo)

Ernie A

Love this gimbal head. I was ready to pull the trigger on a Wimberley WH-200, but I watched a couple reviews on the Leofoto PG-1.
I’m getting up in age and was attracted to the 2.2 lbs, which is lighter than the Wimberley (even though it is aluminum) and the affordable price, compared to the Wimberley. The Leofoto is solid, smooth, and has a micro adjustable locking system. Very happy with my purchase.

Dong. Bui

Disappointed! I ordered one black one earlier, and it was great! I also need the 2nd one, and I received the one with ‘Camo’ color? please check and make sure you ship the correct one when customer orders something . Was it because you were out of a ‘black’ one?

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