Leofoto PS-1+PC-90II Smartphone Clamp Kit All Metal Multi-function Universal Arca/RRS Compatible


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The Leofoto PS-1 (Stand) +PC-90II (Clamp) phone clamp is designed specifically for mobile phone photographers. The clamp can be adjusted to accommodate most phones with widths from as small as 2.2" (56mm) up to 3.54"(90mm). The inward-angled jaws are lined with rubber to maintain a firm grip and protect the phone from scratches. There are two ¼" mounting sockets, conveniently positioned for use with our pocket stand, tripods, or other mounting needs.

  • Super Solid Cell Phone Clamp. Arca Compatible Base
  • Adjustable Width: 56-90mm. PS-1 Height: 95mm
  • 1/4" Threaded Socket. PC-90II Weight: 64g. PS-1 Weight: 80g
  • Length 84mm. Arca / RRS Compatible Plate Width: 38mm

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