Leofoto QS-45/ QS-50/ QS-60/ QS-70 Quick-Link System Set, Ball Head Quick Release Mount 3/8"

SKU: QS-45

Size: QS-45
Sale price$55.99


The  Leofoto QS Quick-Link Set is a quick release system that allows tripod heads to be exchanged from a tripod and then locked securely with a simple twist in seconds. The Quick-Link System makes it possible to travel with a single tripod but multiple heads for different applications.

This set includes one receiver base and one connecting plate. Each component features anti-twist set screws to prevent any unwanted rotation.

  •  x1 QS Receiver Base & x1 Q Connecting Plate
  • 4mm & 2.5mm Allen Wrenches
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction
  • 3/8"-16 Mounting Stud
  • Fits Heads and Center Column Extensions


QS Receiver Base:

Q Connecting Plate:

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Leslie Elliottsmith (Alexandria, US)
Works like a charm

I needed a quick release for my gimble and this works great with the gimble and my vanguard tripod

Bill N (Medina, US)
Quick Link Sets

I find the Quick Link Sets to be very helpful since I change ball heads and fluid heads frequently. I use two different sizes: 60mm and 70mm. I have the 60mm base plates on my lightweight, midweight, and travel tripods. I have the 60mm connector plates correspondingly on my light and midweight ball heads and fluid heads. I use the 70mm sets on my large tripod and 362 low style Leo tripod for my full size heavy duty ball head, fluid head, and gimbal.

Changing heads in the field is quick and easy. The base plates and connection plates attach very securely and I have never noticed any wobble or undesired movement.

Dave Mason

I have purchased 4 of these Quick Link sets for my tripods and monopod. They work great for changing from ball heads to Gimbal to panorama set up and my Leofoto VH-30RN and VH-20 monopod heads very easily. Highly recommended accessory.

David G

These quick releases are excellent. They operate similar to the old Canon breech lock lens mounts, which is a good thing. Apparently they are very similar to units from Arca. I have these Leofoto quick releases in a couple sizes (QS-50 and QS-60), and they work really well for quick connect or disconnect of tripod heads from tripods or other accessory arms that go on tripods (such as the Leofoto Multi-Function Arm). I have other click-on-and-off quick releases for larger tripod heads, but those click-style quick releases use multiple parts which potentially could fail, and those other units are larger and stick out and would get in the way in certain applications. So when you want to have the ability to quickly remove tripod heads from tripods or monopods or other similar accessories, and if you want something that doesn't stick out and can be obtained in a size that fits closely to your application (such as to match the diameter of your tripod head mounting surface or monopod mounting surface or the mounting surface on a horizonal arm accessory for your tripod), these Leofoto QS units are the way to go. They're easy to operate, and there's almost nothing about them thats likely to fail, and they lock securely, and they don't seem like there's any chance that a tripod head with a camera could come off accidentally. And like the other Leofoto items that I've purchased, these things are high quality. I'm always amazed when I buy another Leofoto product how nicely made this stuff is. And its always well-packaged, which shows me that they have a lot of attention to detail.


Wow. I own high end arca and novoflex. I but Leofoto on a whim. I am blown away at the Quality and service. Do not hesitate with there products better then the high end. Will last you for ever. Love this brand can’t say enough

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