Leofoto SF-03 Replacemet Lens Foot for SONY FE 400 F/2.8,600/4.0

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Aiming to improve on the default design, the Leofoto SF-03 is a replacement for the original foot supplied with the For Sony lenses/SONY FE 400MM F/2.8 GM & 600MM GM F/4.0 GM LENSES. The SF-03 replaces SONY's original lens collar foot and provides a lower profile and a lower center of gravity for a better balance. Two safety stops are located on the bottom of the foot, which prevents accidental lens release when a quick release receiver clamp is partially open

  • Built-in Arca-Swiss dovetail mounting and includes a Quick Detach (QD) Socket for quickly attaching a compatible strap
  • 3/8" & 1/4" threaded mounting holes
  • Two M3 screws are included for use as optional safety stops
  • Light-weight, low profile and provides the best possible stability for your lens
  • Hard anodized, aircraft grade aluminum for maximum strength and durability
Sony lenses/SONY FE 400MM F/2.8 GM & 600MM GM F/4.0 GM LENSES

Customer Reviews

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Tho Nguyen (Fairfax, US)

Leofoto SF-03 Replacemet Lens Foot For SONY FE 400 F/2.8,600/4.0

stanley h kravitz (Placitas, US)
Good product for Olympus 150-400mm PRO lens also

This is a good product and also is a replacement foot for the Olympus 150-400mm PRO zoom.

Wilbur Norman

This is a great replacement foot for the original Sony FE 600mm f4 lens foot. Like many photographers, I hate that Sony will not put an Arca-Swiss foot on their telephoto lenses necessitating the purchase of yet another item for, in this case, an already expensive lens.

But! Leofoto to the rescue! This foot is actually long enough to fit the ENTIRE hand when carrying the lens. And, it features a QD attachment that is nicely placed back far enough to leave one's strap attached to the QD AND mount the lens foot on a tri- or monopod if one so wishes (something I do not do as it leaves the strap hanging and is a possible accident point). Oddly, Leofoto does not seem to mention the QD attachment in the Description box on the SF-03 page. They should. It is a big selling point as many other replacement lens feet do not have the QD hole.

Two small points:
- Leofoto really ought to mention that NO screws are included with this lens foot or, might put them in the description as a possible purchase. Yes, the original Sony screws can be used but I would like to keep them packaged with the original Sony foot.
- The mounting screws attach directly under a rear section of the foot with not a lot of clearance. It will take you, as it did me, a long and trying time with a L-shaped Allen driver to turn those screws only 1/8 turn each time. Some buyers may have a miniature ratchet set with an Allen wrench attachment that would make this job so much easier. You will not want to do this job again in a long, long time!

peter king


Alex Tang

Bought the SF-03 lens foot for my Sony 600mm. I already have a replacement foot on my lens but the hole for the Magpul Quick Detach Sling Swivel is in the middle. The foot can't slide deep into the tripod head mount. The hole on the SF-03 is in the back which allows the foot slide deeper into the mount and secure the lens firmly even with the Magpul inserted. This design is great!

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