Leofoto ST-324C/ ST-324CL(Long)/ ST-364C/ ST-364CL(Long) Rifle Tripod with Integrated Lever-Control Ballhead | Lever-Release Clamp


Size: ST-324CL(Long)
Sale price$499.00


The Leofoto ST Series Rifle Tripods are one of the most compact tripod setups on the market with a perfectly balanced weight to strength ratio. The ST Series have a lever-release, arca/ picatinny hybrid clamp and knob controlled, integrated ballhead. These tripods offer maximum rigidity, capable of supporting non-traditional shooting positions with a maximum load capacity ranging from 33 pounds to 44 pounds fully extended. They also feature three angle stop positions to increase shooting position capabilities and a compact design which maintains a small footprint, creating a tripod setup which is extremely easy to pack and carry on the go.
  • Integrated lever control ballhead with lever-release clamp for speed
  • Arca and Picatinny compatible hybrid clamp
  • O-rings help keep threads clean and smooth while providing better tactile feedback
  • Vented angle stop design allow legs to collapse faster without pressure buildup
  • Threaded 1/4” accessory socket on the side of the apex to provide the perfect placement of a strap or magic arm for holding anything from an umbrella or a phone to a kestrel
  • Tripods must occasionally withstand tremendous bending and torsion loads. It is crucial that the leg angle stops and all other structural joints are well supported. Leofoto offset leg joints fully support the leg angle stops allowing loads to be transferred straight through the strongest members of the tripod. This also means the tripod is more compact when collapsed
  • Large diameter rubber feet keep leg sidewalls from touching the ground even at the lowest settings and makes positive contact with the ground at virtually any angle
  • Hard anodized, CNC-machined 6061 T6 aluminum hardware 
  • Included: Leofoto Tripod Case

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ori W (Eugene, US)
Great for a 15lb rifle

So far it’s super stable and I’m very happy with it

Daniel D. (Missoula, US)
Excellent Choice for Youth Hunting Setup

After lots of research, I purchased this tripod for my daughter's first big game hunting season. Light enough that I don't mind leaving it in my pack for most occasions and sturdy enough for shooting off of. We put this tripod through the paces from chasing antelope in the wide open sagebrush country, to scaling the high mountains for elk. The tripod fit snugly in either the full length side pocket or the water bottle pocket of my Exo pack, and didn't stick out above the pack or have any issues catching brush or branches. We practiced a ton getting set up in prone, seated, high kneeling, and standing positions. The twist locks were intuitive and locked in well. We used the tripod in combination with a Salmon River Solutions Hunter's Rail (arca/picatinny) and could be happier with how these two worked together. After a week of hunting, we did accumulate enough dust/grime from belly crawling stalks to notice a bit of a squeak when panning with the rifle on the ball head. After reading the owners manual, we tried a little warm soapy water and this cleared up the issue immediately...glad we didn't try gun oil :). Not only impressed with shooting off of this, but mounting binos with the Aziak adapter worked slick. We were picking out antelope miles away, the stability was incredible. I wanted to wait to write a review until after we got a season of use on this tripod and I have no regrets. My daughter took her first elk with one clean shot and I couldn't be happier. Great product at a great price.

Troy (Las Vegas, US)
at-324 c

Functions smooth and precise. Nice and light but not to light that you can’t shoot off of it. Perfect tripod for western hunting where glassing is your go to way of dining animals.

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