Leofoto STB-75 Rapid Lever-Lock Outdoors Ball Head with Integrated 75mm Bowl Adapter | Arca + Picatinny Compatible

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The Leofoto STB-75 Rapid Lever-Lock Rifle Ball Head is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodized for the optimal strength and durability. The STB-75X is designed to be used with 75mm compatible systematic tripod apexes. It features a redesigned lever-release arca clamp as well as a lever controlled ball lock which creates an extremely low-profile setup. The redesigned clamp is a hybrid dual clamp that accepts both pictatinny as well as arca-type rails with an adjustable clamping width. The STB-75X has an integrated 75mm sized systematic adapter and cannot be used as a normal ball head and is not compatible with 3/8" mounting studs. This product can only be placed into a 75mm systematic tripod apex.

Compatible Leofoto 75mm systematic tripods:
  • LM-32xC
  • LM-36xC
  • LN-364C
  • SO-322C
  • SO-362C
Leofoto STB-75:

Height: 76mm/ 2.99in
Weight: 385g/ 0.85lb
Max Load: 20kg/ 44.09lb

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