Leofoto TFC, TFC-S1/4, TFC-S3/8 Set of 3 Tripod Replacement Feet Claws

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TFC (3 pieces)
Length: 30mm
UNC3/8" mounting thread
Weight: 144g

TFC-S1/4 (3 pieces)
Length: 28mm
UNC 1/4" mounting thread
Weight: 75g

TFC-S3/8 (3 pieces)
Length: 36mm
UNC 3/8" mounting thread
Weight: 84g

Note that Leofoto LS-224C, LS-225C, LS-255C, LS-225CEX, LS-255CEX, LX-224CT, LX-225CT, LX-255CT tripods have 1/4'' size feet

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matt Walters

I bought the TFC-S3/8 Rock Claws for my LS-284C tripod. The rock claws appear to be well made and are offered at a fair price. They also fit the LS-284C tripod just right (any smaller would be too small). The TFC Rock Claws would be too big (I use them on my LS-324C tripod).

I just wish Leofoto would sell "caps" for the Rock claws to protect carrying bags/cases from the sharp edges on the rock claws.

Matt Walters

Solid rock claws at a fair price. They appear to be well made too.

It'd be nice if these rock claws had a rubber O-ring on the threaded stud, or integrated rubber washer on the surface that mates with the tripod, in order to keep them in place and to prevent want from entering bottom of the tripod legs.

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