Leofoto TFS, TFS-S3/8, TFS-S1/4 Set of 3 Long Spike/Rubber Foot Set / Universal Tripod Feet


Title: TFS
Sale price$55.00


TFS (3 pieces)
Length: 113 mm
UNC3/8" mounting thread
Weight: 324g

TFS-S3/8 (3 pieces)
Length: 81 mm
UNC 3/8" mounting thread
Weight: 150g

TFS-S1/4 (3 pieces)
Length: 81 mm
UNC 1/4" mounting thread
Weight: 141g

Note that Leofoto LS-224C, LS-225C, LS-255C, LS-225CEX, LS-255CEX, LX-224CT, LX-225CT, LX-255CT tripods have 1/4'' size feet

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ron S (Cleveland, US)
Love the TFS Long Spikes

First used the TFS long spikes on my LS-284 tripod and liked them so much I recently bought them for my new Athena 384 tripod, The work great in the sand and are very stable and add some height to the tripods!


I have both the TFS-S3/8 and the TFS. Both are great but I prefer the TFS-S3/8 for two main reasons. The first is that the TFS has plastic feet that go over the spikes. This seemed fine at first but I soon realised this is an issue. The plastic is very slippery on hard surfaces such as concrete or any uncarpeted floor. The rubber feet of the TFS-S3/8 are much better. The other reason I prefer the TFS-S3/8 is the size. There is nothing wrong with the larger TFS spikes but I prefer the smaller of the two. Overall excellent product.

Side note. I added some Sugru to the bottom of the plastic feet on the TFS spikes and that has been working great.


Sturdy, and stable tripod feet with the versatility to use on both soft and hard surfaces.

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