Leofoto TFS-US | Set of 3 Long Spike/Rubber Foot Set 3/8'' Thread


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The Leofoto TFS-US Long Spike/Rubber Foot Set comes with three long spikes with rubber end caps. The rubber end caps are used for indoor environments and may be removed for outdoor terrain.  A rubber washer on the top of each spike ensures secure support for your tripod legs. 
TFS-US (3 piece set):
Length: 113mm/ 4.44in
UNC3/8" mounting thread
Weight: 324g/ 0.71lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
ALAN EIDT (Niagara Falls, CA)
High Quality

Excellent quality product matching tripod standard.

Gary Sapolin (Katonah, US)

I like them

John Pedersen (Portland, US)
Fantastic Spikes

I’ve tried other spikes and either they haven’t fit at all, or didn’t fit well, but the first time I screwed these in they were a firm fit, with no question that they would work well. The spikes arrived packaged nicely and came with an included wrench to tighten them on the tripod. I’ve spent a lot more money for worse products. These are the BEST I’ve gotten, especially at the price. A great deal!

Manuel Silva (Geneva, CH)
Great feet, monor flaws.

Works great as a spike, but the "rubber" part and attachment design produce several problems in everyday use. First, the material is closer to hard plastic than rubber so, when in use in hard surfaces, it has limited grip. Second, the attachment thread is very delicate, small scale and placed where the spike will be in the ground, meaning after using the spikes, a long cleaning session is necessary to reattach the "rubber" feet to avoid hiking around with three spikes. Useful for off-road projects but not as a permanent fixture in your tripod.

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