Leofoto Tripod Leg Wrap LW-22/LW-25/LW-28/LW-32/LW-36/LW-40 (1 piece)

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Title: LW-22
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Leofoto LW Leg Wraps are made to slightly stretch over the leg tube to prevent slippage during use. When installing a leg wrap onto a leg tube please make sure to stretch the fabric to align the velcro for a secure fit.

A leg wrap of improper size such as an LW-28 on a 22mm leg tube will cause the leg wrap to slide along the leg tube or possibly fall off. Please use the compatibility guide below and match the leg wrap the correct size leg tube.

LW-22 For LS-22X / LX-22X CEX  / LX-22XCT  (1 piece)

LW-22 Wrap is designed for Leofoto 22mm tripod series with a leg diameter of 22mm.
Diameter: 22 mm
Length : 160mm
Weight: 15g

LW-25 For LS-25X / LS-25X CEX / LX-25XCT (1 piece)
LW-25 Wrap is designed for Leofoto 25mm tripod series with leg diameter 25mm.
Diameter : 25 mm
Length : 160mm
Weight : 16g

LW-28 For LS-28X / LS-28XCEX / LX-284CT (1 piece)
LW-28 Wrap is designed for Leofoto 28mm tripod series with leg diameter 28mm.
Diameter: 28 mm
Length : 160mm
Weight: 18g

LW-32 For LS-32X / LS-32XCEX / LM-32X / SO-282C (1 piece)
LW-32 Wrap is designed for Leofoto 32mm tripod series with leg diameter 32mm.
Diameter : 32 mm
Length : 166mm
Weight : 21g

LW-36 For LS-36X / LS-36XCEX / LM-36X / SO-322C (1 piece)
LW-36 Wrap is designed for Leofoto 36mm tripod series with leg diameter 36mm.
Diameter: 36 mm
Length : 170mm
Weight: 23g

LW-40 For LM-40X / SO-362C (1 piece)
LW-40 Wrap is designed for Leofoto 36mm tripod series with leg diameter 40mm.
Diameter: 40 mm
Length : 170mm
Weight: 25g

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brian Williamson (Phoenix, US)
Solid tripod for PRS

5 Star on customer service

Justin M (Morganton, US)

By far THE best tripod I've owned. Build quality is high quality.

Mark Cooper

I was looking for some leg wraps for my Manfrotto CF tripod and came across these in a Google search. Worked out I needed the LW-25s and really glad I took the chance with them, absolutely fantastic item, fit nice and snug and just the right length. Highly recommended.

Robert Boyer (Wooster, US)

The leg wrap I guess is good in cold weather and appears to be water resistant but the surface is too slippery and hard to grip for those with arthritic hands. Perhaps a thicker cushion and a more rubberized texture would help.

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