Leofoto VH-10S 2-Way Monopod Head | Arca Compatible


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The Leofoto VH-10S 2-Way Monopod Head is a compact monopod head with an Arca compatible quick-release plate and clamp for supporting and positioning cameras and lenses weighing up to 22 pounds. It features large, knurled knobs for easy and secure tightening and numbered scales for precise and repeatable positioning. The head has a tilt range of 180°, and a bubble level for proper level orientation on uneven terrain. The VH-10S has a 3/8"-16 threaded mount in the base and an Arca-type dovetail design to be quickly mounted in an existing arca compatible clamp.

  • +90º / -90º Tilt
  • Removable 55mm Arca Compatible Discal QR Clamp. Clamp includes Bubble Level.
  • Base Includes Arca Compatible Dovetail.
  • Max load: 10kg (22lbs)
  • Net Weight 292g (10.3oz)
  • Height 82mm/ 3.22in
  • Base Diameter 43mm/ 1.69in
  • Includes 50mm QR Plate with 1/4" D-Ring Screw and 2 Safety Screws 
  • Bottom thread: 3/8" with included 1/4" reducing bushing adapter

Customer Reviews

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Photos By Joe Endy (Bernville, US)
Great Monopod Tilt Head!

I tried a lot of different monopod heads & gimbals and I really didn't like many of them. The Leofoto head works great! Exactly what I was looking for. Small & not bulky, yet strong enough to hold my Nikon Z9 & Nikon 800mm Lens!

Great value & well built! Highly recommended!


On par with big brad names. Highly recommended!!!

David G

I love this for use on a monopod. I was thinking it was going to be taller, and I was concerned that it would be too loose like a ball head with no tension, but after I received it, I was pleasantly surprised that it was not tall, and it has tension so it doesn't just flop over. Its a quality piece that is well thought out, and it works great. The bottom has a 3/8 opening which can take an adapter, and the base is Arca compatible so if you're mounting this to something that already had a place for a Arca plate, this is ready to mount. The big knob works great when in use on a monopod whether its with a large lens, or with a small lens on a camera. The top of this unit has an Arca plate and a level, although for my uses I haven't needed the level yet. Again, this thing is a very nice quality piece. I'm glad I bought it.


Light weight and steady on my monopod. It can support my 600mm f/4 lens no problem. I like this 2 way head for the monopod.

Samuel Watson (Olympia, US)
Good Monopod Tilting Head.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and finish of this product. It does what I needed to do and it is really well machined. I only give it four stars because I think the friction mechanism, although it works well, is very basic and could be improved. It is based on two silicone washers. And once it is dialed in for a smooth tilting action, it holds the angle when level or when tilted up but when a long lens offsets the fulcrum point, the camera will just flop forward. If one adjusts for more friction, it will hold but then the tilting resistance becomes more difficult to operate smoothly. More than to criticize the product, which works as well as one might expect for something at this price point, I am hoping this feedback is an invitation to innovate it. It sure beats having something more elaborate and bulky like a gimbal on a monopod. I don’t need it to pan as the monopod pivots on its foot, and the tilting function works well enough once one becomes familiar it hits limitations. It feels strong, and secures the camera very well. I would buy it again in spite of the above feedback.

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