Leofoto LS-364C Professional Light Weight Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit

SKU: LS-364C

Style: LS-364C
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Leofoto LS-364C:

Max. height: 1480mm
Min.Height: 80mm
Folded length: 540mm
Leg Section : 4
Max load: 25kg
Weight: 1.77kg

Leofoto LH-40 Ball Head:

40mm low profile ball head

Ball diameter: 40mm
panning base diameter: 57mm
hight: 87mm
Mounting hole: UNC3/8"-16
Max load: 20kg
weight: 491g

Customer Reviews

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Mel Cox (Atlantic Beach, US)
Great tripod

I looked at this one a couple of years ago but got the 324 instead. The 364 was on sale so I bought it. Tube dimensions are close to my RRS TVC-33 but it is much lighter and a lot less expensive and while the RRS is higher in quality, the 364 is close for someone who doesn't want to spend big bucks for the RRS.

Anonymous (Hicksville, US)
Nice tripod - LS-364C, great for wildlife even with strong wind.

My first product from Leofoto was its leveling base, it worked great.

Leofoto has so many accessries. I like Leofoto services and their support and more importantly the pricing is affordable with good quality too.

I have LS-364-C tripod rangers series which consider compact carbon fiber tripod, it is very stable and lightweight and it able to load 55lbs. And if I want to use bowl adapter I have an option to change by purchase
LM Summit Series Tripod Apex with hook and spider - AS36 .... so many options.

I enjoy using LS-364 tripod.... highly recommended.

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I've had the opportunity to try the LS-364C tripod for a few days and I found it to be very suitable for what I do, but not yet perfect. I needed a sturdy tripod that would enable me to shoot 4 minute exposures with a longer lens and still be light and compact enough for future hiking trips. This tripod does that. It's relatively light for its size, the height fits me perfectly (once you add head, camera etc.). It's well built and easy to work with. Reason for giving it 4 stars is the leg angle. I'd prefer 25 degrees rather than the current 22/23. This would add some 15% additional torsional stability with just a minor loss of height. In addition, it would become more stable in strong winds. I would recommend this product.


One word ( AWESOME!! )
Holds the rifle or spotting scope with ease. With the Arca swiss clamp very easy to transition from one to another.

Hung Trinh

My goal is to find a tripod that is sturdy and durable enough to last for a long time without having to worry about other issues. After a lot of searching and learning, I decided to stop with the LS364C from Leofoto. Ive just received it yesterday, it actually looks bigger and heavier than I imagined it to be, but it's actually very solid and functions very stable. Matching it with my RRS BH-40, I feel like it is a really good choice for what I needs!

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