Leofoto LVM-324C+BV-15 4-Section Carbon Fiber Video Tripod with Fluid Head Set | 75mm Integrated Bowl with Leveling Base and Handle (Current Version Discontinued)

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The current version is discontinued; a new version with upgraded angle stop is planned for future release. Release date TBA.

The Leofoto LVM-324C Video Tripod features flip leg locks, twist swap rubber feet/spikes, and an integrated 75mm video bowl with leveling half ball adapter, making it faster and easier to use. It also features 3 accessory mounting sockets including 1/4", 3/8" and a QD mounting socket for QD straps and accessories.

  • 75mm Integrated bowl with leveling base (3/8" mounting stud) and silicone handle
  • Flip leg locks
  • Quick swap rubber foot pads and spikes
  • Independent leg spread
  • Three leg stop positions: 23 °, 55 °, and 85°
  • 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 accessory mounting sockets and a QD socket
  • 10-layer Toray carbon fiber leg tubes and 6061-T6 CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum components

The included Leofoto BV-15 Fluid Video Head is an affordable and professional grade fluid head with drag control on both pan, and tilt to ensure smooth operation. Suitable for birding photography and videography. The head pans 360°, is indexed for repeatability, and has a tilt range of 90 to 75°. Likewise, the camera platform is indexed, making it fast and easy to rebalance your setup on the head. Two bubble levels (on the pan base and one on the camera platform) allow you to confirm your head is level. Handle mounting rosettes allow you to mount the included pan handle to either side of the head for operator comfort, and individual pan and tilt locks provide security when you need to either only tilt or pan.

Leofoto LVM-324C Tripod + BV-15 Fluid Head:
Max. height: 1780mm / 70.08 in
Min. height: 270mm / 10.63 in
Folded length: 710mm / 27.95 in
Leg Section: 4
Max load: 10kg / 22.05 lbs
Weight: 3.3kg / 7.27 lbs
Tubes: 32/28/25/22mm

Leofoto BV-15 Fluid Head:
Base Diameter: 70mm/ 2.75 in
Handle Length: 388mm / 15.27 in
Height: 130mm/ 5.12 in
Width: 122mm/ 4.8 in
Weight: 1.3kg/ 2.87 lbs
Max. load: 10kg/ 22 lbs
Balance load: 0-3kg/ 0-6.61 lbs
Plate length: 100mm/ 3.93 in
Tilt angle: +90/-75 degrees

Customer Reviews

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Mick Lin (New Taipei, TW)
I also bought Leofoto LVM324C+BV15 for my Canon R5+ RF 600F4+1.4X

I also bought Leofoto LVM324C+BV15 for my Canon R5+ RF 600F4+1.4X, and I am very happy that it works smoothly.
This is a great value set and not heavy!

And anyone know how to remove BV15 from LVM324C?


Llevaba tiempo detras de un trípode de carbono y finalmente lo adquirí, estoy muy contento con el trípode, es ligero, resistente se me muy Pro... :D

Terrance Emerson

The LVM-324C tripod is well known, but so far there are very few reviews out there for BV-15 head so I wasn't sure what to expect.

And the head has no variable balance settings, and that concerned me. But I contacted Leofoto and had two answers within 48 hours, indicating the load should work with my rig. So GREAT customer service from the get go.

It's not an O'Conner, but for the money it's really, really nice, and probably hard to beat. Well built, clean polished finish, parts fitted well, and with the tilt tension up a little, it balances with my 8 pound rig (3.6 Kilos). I can tilt it half way down and it stays, but still moves well. With the tilt tension at zero, it WILL sag down. I will note that I like the panned tilt a bit firm, so taking the tilt tension up a little is not a problem for me. With my heavier rig, the head, and the tripod, the combination is heavy enough that panning or tilting does not seem to move or shake the tripod. Very solid camera moves.

But even set firm, the pan and tilt are smooth and fluid, and I can't really detect any kickback at the end of a move. It just stops where I leave it. The tripod is heavy enough and so, so well built. Together, and for the money, the Leofoto LVM-324C+BV-15 is a really nice combination.

I'm NOT disappointed.

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