“Open Box" Leofoto MP Series Carbon Fiber Monopod with Case

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Like New Condition. The box may have some damage.
Full factory 10-year warranty.

The Leofoto MP Series Carbon Fiber Monopods have options from four to six section camera supports with maximum heights ranging between 60" to 69". The monopods are constructed with a 10-layer toray, carbon fiber weave and designed to be sturdy. Featuring a durable rubber grip and wrist strap for security, the MP Series monopod is capable of supporting cameras with large telephoto lenses. The rubber foot prevents it from sliding on smooth surfaces, but is also removable and can be replaced with a separately available steel claw, spike, or other Leofoto accessory to facilitate the best traction for any given terrain. When not in use, turn the ergonomic twist leg locks to collapse the support down and pack it in the included carrying case. The threaded mounting stud on the top of the monopod features a convertible 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 screw, making it universal for most cameras and lenses.


Carbon fiber tubes:


Extended height: 1650mm/ 64.96in

Folded height: 523mm/ 20.59in

Leg section : 4

Loading Capacity: 18kg/ 39.68lb

Weight: 0.41kg/ 0.90lb


Carbon fiber tubes:


Extended height: 1530mm/ 60.23in

Folded height: 433mm/ 17in

Leg section: 5

Loading Capacity: 15kg/ 33lb

Weight: 0.41kg/ 0.90lb


Carbon fiber tube:


Extended height: 1555mm/ 61.22in

Folded height: 415mm/ 16.33in

Leg section: 6

Loading Capacity: 15kg/ 33lb

Weight: 0.48kg/ 1.05lb


Carbon fiber tubes:


Extended height: 1700mm/ 66.93in

Folded height: 545mm/ 21.45in

Leg section: 4

Loading Capacity: 20kg/ 44lb

Weight: 0.58kg/ 1.27lb


Carbon fiber tubes:


Extended height: 1755mm/ 69.09in

Folded height: 495mm/ 19.48in

Leg section: 5

Loading Capacity: 17kg/ 37.47lb

Weight: 0.59kg/ 1.3lb


Carbon fiber tubes:


Extended height: 1650mm/ 64.96in

Folded height: 440mm/ 17.32in

Leg section: 6

Loading Capacity: 15kg/ 33lb

Weight: 0.58kg/ 1.27lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Paul Williams (Victoria, US)

Looks like a well built product. I have not had an opportunity to use it.

Gary Sedlack (Jackson, US)
Leofoto MP-284C

This is a the perfect Monopod for me at my height of 5'6" I don't need anything taller. . It is light weight and the locks all are tight and hold well under pressure. It easily handles a full-size 35mm body with 70-200 lens or above. Plus it accepts my Manfrotto 496RC2 ball head perfectly. It is highly recommended.

Ishani Niyogi (Redmond, US)
very good build quality

very good build quality, i wish i had bought a smaller size.
I would have returned and ordered a smaller size (which is slightly more expensive) but the return process is not that friendly and i can live with the bigger size.
Even though they have 30 days return policy, you need to arrange for the return on your own. I wish they provided prepaid return lables like most other online retailers.

John Schnorr (Newport, US)
Impressed with the quality and service

Very impressed with the quality of my new monopod. Extremely stiff carbon fiber tubes. Shipping was quick, and free. John


This is just my initial out of the box review and it has yet to be field tested. I have been a professional sports photographer for 19 years and I count on equipment to work well for my needs and in a somewhat harsh and demanding environment. Too often I think we are married to particular brands (sometimes for good reason), but looking at the quality for value that this monopod has makes me question why others are 2-3x the price. I know "why" Leofoto is cheaper, but let's put that far aside. The monopod it's replacing for full time duty falls into the very expensive category and it served me well, but age and over a decade of use and some field damage is starting to catch up with it. . This is every bit as good, if perhaps better. It's lighter than my previous CF monopod, feels confidently strong, and it functions exactly how I need it. I'm 6' tall and I prefer having a monopod that is near the top of my head height fully extended. I find myself sometimes on a platform or stair where I need it to reach below my standing level to make solid contact and it's always useful to have the length available. One thing missing from the specs list is that it does indeed have anti-rotation sections, which is a total necessity with this type of locking mechanism. For the price they're selling this at I think it's a total steal if it holds up how I expect it to, and I see no reason initially why it won't.

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