Leofoto LMP-324CL(Long) Water-Resistant Tripod with 75mm Video Bowl and Bag | Anti-Corrosion with Titanium Foot Spike

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The Leofoto LMP-324CL(Long) Water-Resistant Carbon Fiber Tripod is a premium version of the standard LM Series tripods featuring new water-resistant technology and accessories such as titanium foot spikes. It is a compact carbon-fiber travel tripod made with carbon fiber and 6061-T6 aluminum components that is designed to perform on beaches and in snowy conditions that would render other tripods useless. The twist-lock system keeps the legs free from sand and water. 

  • Included Interchangeable 75mm Video Bowl & 75mm Platform
  • 3/8" Mounting Stud on 75mm Platform
  • 3/8" Accessory Mounting Socket
  • Waterproof and Sand-Proof Twist-Lock Joints
  • Independent Leg Spread
  • Three Angle Stops: 23-, 55-, and 85°
  • Corrosion-Resistant Titanium Tube Plugs
  • Corrosion-Resistant Titanium Foot Spikes
  • Interchangeable Feet (3/8") 
  • Carrying Case & Removable Platform Hook 

With the tripod's three variable leg angle stops, it allows you to splay the legs completely out. At the tripod's apex, the spider has been hollowed out, which adds to the relevance of the tripod's light weight. Additionally, the mounting platform is removable, so it can be exchanged with the included 75mm video bowl to install a fluid head. An integrated 3/8"-16 socket is made available on the side of the spider for photo or video accessories. Leofoto tripods come with a carrying case to store or travel with the support system.

Leofoto LMP-324CL(Long) Tripod:
Max. height: 2020mm/ 79.52"
Min. height: 103mm/ 4.05"
Folded length: 678mm/ 26.69"
Leg Section : 4 
Weight: 1.93kg/ 4.25lb
Max load: 25kg/ 55lb
Bowl diameter: 75mm/ 2.95"
Leg tube sizes: 32/28/25/22mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Craig Ozancin (Lehi, US)
Solid and very Versatile

I own three other tripods. None has fully met my expectations, Two are okay but not as stable as I wish (one of which has a long center column to get high enough for my needs). Another tripod
from a once considered an industry leader is more like mass produced discount quality.

This tripod from Leofoto is solid as a rock and very light weight, It has the feel of a highly precision instrument. It is incredibly versatile, I added the LB-75S leveling base and QS-70 Quick Link system to give me a very high quality tripod that I have previously thought would cost thousands of dollars elsewhere.

Kim (New York, US)
The best carbon fiber tripod I ever had.

The brand "Leofoto" was not familiar and at first, I didnt like unknown brand. But when I start getting their gears one by one, I have to say I really like the build quality. This is something that you can not expect from other brands or Gitzo. After I bought many Leofoto gears, I decided to ditch Manfrotto Aluminum tripod to Leofoto carbon fiber tripod.

Despite the brand value, Manfrotto has a bad built quality and they tend to be unreliable and easy to break. Trust me, I used Manfrotto for more than 10 years since my college year and I saw a lot of broken Manfrotto gears. I got their's just because of their brand value. But now, I totally regret it. Leofoto makes one of the best tripod for cheaper prices which is a huge advantage. Yes, it's made in China but it's way better than made in Italy tripod. I would probably compare it with Gitzo instead. Since it has a 10 years of warranty, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Getting a carbon fiber tripod is something new for me but I needed it because of what I had before which is bulky, heavy, and fragile. Yes, Manfrotto. After I went to the beach several times, It broke. So I choose Leofoto LMP-324CL water proof version so that I can use it as long as possible. It's kinda long but not too long which I didnt expect it. The weight is super lighter than what I had. Despite the size, Leofoto is way lighter and tougher than Manfrotto tripod.

The overall build quality is outstanding. This is something you can not get from other brands unless they are extremely expensive like Gitzo. Both premium and exotic quality makes me feel satisfy. I have several Leofoto heads and it's easy to replace the bowl between each heads. I also got a center column for digitech uses as it requires great durability and light weight.

Btw, I was quite skeptical about CL version cause it might be too long for me. Yes, 324CL is the 2nd longest tripod for LM Summit series but when I got it in person, I think the length is totally fine. Previous one was too short to use anyway. Might be too long for others but it's fine for me.

Overall, I would probably invest more Leofoto gears instead of other brands and I highly recommend Leofoto over other brands. I hope they make more and better equipments and I look forward to see it in future. I really like LMP!

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